The MAN CAVE with Jeff Lamb

Wednesday from 8-9 pm

Welcome to The MAN CAVE! Here, you’ll find out a little about the host of the show and you’ll find links to the many bands that have played on The MAN CAVE 2.0!

Jeff Lamb was a DJ in Toledo from 1990 until 2017. He was part of the Jeff & Mark morning show on WIOT and WXKR. Jeff created The Man Cave for WIOT in 2011 and it ran for 2.5 years on FM104. He took a break for a few years from The Man Cave and went to WPFX, The WOLF to do mornings for a couple years. Jeff’s been retired since 2019 and felt it was time to bring back The Man Cave as a video show on Social Media.

The NEW version of the show has been on since October 2020. It airs on Wednesday nights LIVE at 8:00 on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter. However, you can watch it on Facebook YouTube and Twitter immediately after the show ends. The Bands are also available here the next day.